TLS Tools Surf Products resigning the WSL Tour surfer Adam Melling

TLS Tools Surf Products are pleased to announce the resigning the WSL Tour surfer Adam Melling

Tools caught up with Adam Melling today before he kicks off his 2015 WSL campaign to get his thoughts on the re-sign. ” I am stoked to riding for TOOLS again and very excited for the year ahead. I have been with TOOLS since they launched in Australia back in 2009 when I first qualified WCT. So happy to see the growth and work with the TOOLS crew.”….. Adam Melling.

TOOLS is happy to have our brand ambassador Adam Melling back with the team for 2015.
Adam and TOOLS share a five year history together with ongoing product developments and mutual support for one and another.
We are honored to have Adam on our team.

TLS Tools Surf Products

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