A short movie, shot on location at the North Shore Hawaii, bought to you by Tools Surf Products and Free Surfing Hawaiian Charger Jamie O’Brien.
To coincide the release of the TOOLS JOB Signature Traction Pad available in 29 different colors in store now.

Who is J.O.B x TOOLS
Jamie O’Brien comes to life in the ku-fu samurai training montage video entitled “FOCUS JAMIE”. Jamie has ridden the Pipeline many times, but nothing could prepare him for his training with the old Japanese master. Enjoy and remember to FOCUS.

TOOLS J.O.B. Signature Model Traction Pad In Store NOW !
The TOOLS crews are super exited to announce the TOOLS J.O.B. Signature Model Traction Pad which is released onto the Australian market now.
The Tools designers have been working very closely with Jamie to create a signature pad with perfect density and a supreme cut to give maximum grip to suit JAMIE’s unique surfing style.
We’ve added 3mm of extra kick to the three piece pad, with straight cut features and a pulled in JOB Diamond Tail to eliminate drag.
The Art concept reflects the notion of hit the button and go or in Jamie’s case, plant the back foot and launch.
Check them out online at the TOOLS Webpage: Page and or In Store at your favorite surf outlet.